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Presenter Profile

Ziz Abdur-Raoof


4-3 Forty Coaching



Ziz is a certified performance coach, speaker and former NFL wide receiver turned entrepreneur, author, and for fun he teaches YogaSculpt.


He is the author of Accelerate: A guided playbook for young dreamers, scholars, artist and athletes. Ziz uses his performance coaching skills to shift thinking, reframe leadership concepts, team building and increase performance levels by playing to your strengths.


Phone: (248) 688-1117

Website: Under Construction

Questions Ziz Asks a Prospective Client:

  • What theme, or type of event do you have in mind?

  • What qualities in a speaker would best compliment your event?

  • What kind of audience and how large?

  • What’s the budget for the speaker?

  • Do I need to know anything else to make this event a true success?

Topics Ziz Talks About with Friends/Family:

  • Mental Fitness

  • Leadership

  • A Performance Mindset

  • Anti-Bias/Racism

Topic/Description of Presentation:

Why leadership matters in the workplace.

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