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Presenter Profile

Robert Rudy

Co-Founder at STAND Advisors



Rob has spent the past 30 years building and leading companies and developing leaders through  inviting change, making critical choices, and achieving results. He has been an entrepreneur in  family textile business which he sold to a Kentucky based publicly traded company, whereupon he  became the COO, led change as COO of a large privately held lighting distributor, and was  President of Medicom, a medical device company that manufactures and sells globally.  

Starting with strategy, and leading companies through their journey of employee and client  engagement, Rob challenges leaders to embrace and lead change in their unique environments. 


In 2019, Rob took his own advice and pivoted to become an advisor and speaker, returning to his  entrepreneurial roots. 

In October of 2019, Rob co-founded the company STAND, with Pascal St-Jean. Together they are  bringing together a community of entrepreneurs dedicated to building strategies, execution programs  and next level leadership through online and in person cohorts and individual advising. 

Rob’s core belief is it always starts with strategy.


Phone: (514) 710-5482

Upcoming Speaking Events

  • Vistage speaking event

Questions Robert Asks a Prospective Client:

1. What pain points do you experience?
2.  Do you have a team of leaders that helps build other leaders?
3. How do you imagine you will manage the speed of change in your company?
4. How do you capture customer needs?
5. What steps do you take to align your team?

Topics Robert Talks About with Friends/Family:

  • Politics 

  • Speed of change in our lives, both personal and professional

  • Family health and safety during COVID

Topic/Description of Presentation:

I use storytelling to explain a very personal journey in business that pushed my team to overcome 9 barriers to growth. From succession to leadership development and vision to execution, from
knowing your market space to managing your cash flow, I walk TEC members through a very interactive session with breakouts, uncovering the essence of alignment, building trust throughout the company and the market.

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