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Science Museum Space Exploration
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CELA - Demo

Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture

Demo Presentation Details:

  • The PNG image above is of size 1152 x 768 pixels at 300dpi. The 300dpi specifically allows the image to be clear even when zoomed in. 

  • To expand the image to a larger size, click the image. To expand the image to full screen mode for maneuvering the image and zooming in further, click on the image to expand and then click the full screen icon on the top left of the screen. To exit both modes, click the 'X' on the top right of the screen.

  • Below the image is an audio player. The audio player is used for verbal presentation purposes accompanying the poster if necessary. 

  • While the audio is playing, the image can be expanded. The image can also be in full screen mode while the audio is playing.  

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