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John Livesay

The Pitch Whisperer

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John Livesay, aka The Pitch Whisperer, is a sales keynote speaker where he shows companies’ sales teams how to turn mundane case studies into compelling case stories so they win more new business. From John’s award winning career at Conde Nast, he shares the lessons he learned that turns sales teams into revenue rock stars. His TEDx talk: Be The Lifeguard of your own life has over 1,000,000 views.

Clients love working with John because of his ongoing support after his talk which includes implementing the storytelling
skills from his best-selling book and online course “Better Selling Through Storytelling.”


Phone: (845) 548-4836

Upcoming Speaking Events:

  • Sales Kickoff meetings for Hub international 

  • MCAP

  • Nikken 

  • Measurabl

Questions John Asks a Prospective Client:

  1. Are you tired of coming in 2nd place when you pitch to win new business

  2. Do you want your team to be persuasive without being pushy?

  3. Do you need to break down silos to increase sales to existing clients?

  4. Is storytelling on your radar for your sales team?

  5. Is your sales team stuck at the "friend zone" at work where clients say they are interested but nothing else happens?

Topics John Talks About with Friends/Family:

  • What we are grateful for

  • What brings us joy

  • How can we make a difference

Topic/Description of Presentation:

"Today, the sale is won not by the salesperson with the best product or service or price, but by the salesperson who tells a story that gets a buyer to imagine new possibilities."

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