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John Anderson


EO Detroit Chapter



Founder EO Detroit Chapter, author of Replace Retirement Living you Legacy in the Exponential Age.  First business coach working with Verne Harnish back in late 90's.  Purpose "To inspire & challenge leaders to achieve their greatest personal potential".  Moonshot "Replace retirement with intentional living for 1.6 million people by July 1, 2026".


Phone: (248) 330-0351

Upcoming Speaking Events:

  • YPO Gold Grand Rapids

  • DLP Capital Partners

Questions John Asks a Prospective Client:

  • How old will you be when you die?

  • Are you clinging to the past or living today for your future?

  • What is your number one priority in life?

  • What is your purpose?

  • Are you prepared to leverage the coming waves of disruption over this next decade?

Topics John Talks About with Friends/Family:

  • Exponential Thinking

  • Human Longevity 

  • Snowmobiling = scheduled rejuvenation time

Topic/Description of Presentation:

The decade from 2020 to 2030 represent the greatest opportunity and the greatest threat to your survival as an entrepreneur.  Your ability to navigate the waves of change and master surfing those huge waves will determine if you and your family are successful surfers vs. sitting on the beach watching.  The danger in watching the waves of change vs. learning how to ride them means you are left to bet on other surfers and their investment strategies absent of the knowledge of knowing how the successful surfer navigates the big waves.

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