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Presenter Profile

Joe Caruso

Founder & President

Caruso Leadership

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Joe Caruso is a renowned expert on the individual and collective mind. He focuses on how meaning drives behavior and creates outcomes for individuals and entire organizations. Based on a lifetime of study and work with hundreds of organizations worldwide, he is called upon by leaders to help facilitate dynamic change by uncovering the meaning > behavior > outcome process innate to every individual mind and every collective organization.


Phone: (734) 771-4424

Upcoming Speaking Events:

  • US Navy Command

  • Weekly Conversations with Caruso

Questions Joe Asks a Prospective Client:

1. What is the most important problem you are trying to solve?
2. What is top of mind for you?
3. What are your highest priorities?
4. Where would you like to be 12 months from now?
5. How can I support you?"

Topics Joe Talks About with Friends/Family:

  • Ideas

  • Cooking 

  • Music

Topic/Description of Presentation:

Joe co-creates a session with you and your team based on how the minds work and how the power of story, connection and narrative can shift patterns as well as drive collective success. The methodology of The Power of Losing Control includes modules on the four rules of engagement, the five steps to awareness, and context. Joe works with the existing strengths of a team to identify any pre-existing and limiting patterns of behavior and shift the context so that the business can manage to an elevated sense of collective success. By design, the process also results in the refinement and improvement in trust amongst team members.

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