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Presenter Profile

Jack Daly

CEO at Professional Sales Coach

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Jack Daly is a leading sales speaker and trainer with over 30 years of sales and executive experience. Jack’s track record is a testament to his real-world knowledge and extensive expertise in sales and sales management.


Phone: (888) 298-6868

Questions Jack Asks a Prospective Client:

  1. How can I help you?

  2. What are your pain points?

  3. Tell me about your systems and processes?

  4. Do you coach in the field?

  5. Are you committing one of the three sins of Sales Management?

Topics Jack Talks About with Friends/Family:

  • Wine

  • Sports

  • Music

  • Movies

  • Fitness

Topic/Description of Presentation:

In today’s business climate knowing “what” to do is not enough; what is really needed is the “how.” Jack will explain the importance of leveraging your business’ unique competitive advantages to create systems and processes to be used by your entire sales team to ensure growth of your company. Through this presentation, audiences will learn how to earn trust by caring first, turn prospects into clients via pipeline management, help others buy instead of selling them something, and so much more.

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