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Crystal Carroll

Owner, CFO, Entrepreneur



Crystal Carroll is a hard-working American living the dream and inspiring other people to succeed by making a better life through entrepreneurship. Mrs. Carroll is the owner of several businesses and franchises including Krispy Kreme, MyFroYo Frozen Yogurt, Accusearch, Guardian (retail background screening) and Krem Properties, LLC. Mrs. Carroll is a proud wife and mother of five children, winner of Mrs. Arizona America 2021 and a current candidate for Arizona State Senator.


Phone: (509) 521-9444

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Utilizing Background Screening Tools to Protect Your Business

How do we consistently protect our businesses? There are multiple avenues to protect revenue and customers. The risks for not checking and protecting can be crippling. Reoccurring background monitoring has so many options for your business. It is important to know who you really work with to save long-term revenue and peace of mind.

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