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Presenter Profile

Casey Yosin

Founder & CEO 

Total Health Companies



Casey Yosin is the vice president of Hardwood Door & Bevel, which has been providing custom wood and iron doors all across the United States for over 40 years. He recently started, and is the acting CEO of, Total Health Companies, Inc.  which provides high-end medicinal CBD products to patients in the metro Detroit area.  With a vast network, he not only wants to do good for the community by leading Total Health Companies, but also by being a board member of Men Who Care Detroit.


Phone: (248) 705-5343

Questions Casey Asks a Prospective Client:

  • What do they want their brand to feel like?  

  • Who do they envision selling to as a main clientele

  • What do they want their product to do?  

  • What do they want as the look and feel?  

  • How can we help them.

Topics Casey Talks About with Friends/Family:

Casey Yosin enjoys sports and family time with his wife of twelve years and his two kids that participate in soccer and karate. Mr. Yosin enjoys sports and used to coach hockey.  He enjoys talking about bow hunting and shooting sports.

Topic/Description of Presentation:

Mr. Yosin shares his personal story to highlight how important that is to understanding others.  He reminds others that success is not reached easy.  Everyone has to go through all kinds of challenges to reach their success. Mr. Yosin maintains that every single person thinks their life is hard.  His training in hockey helps him connect with others, work through processes and show extraordinary perseverance.

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