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Robert Prosen


Business Execution & Growth Specialist


Bob is a frequent guest on MSNBC and FOX News, as well as a Corporate Management
Consultant with USA TODAY. He is the author of the
bestselling book, Kiss Theory Good Bye, which delivers leadership tools along with step
by step directions for achieving extraordinary operating and financial results. Bob also
writes for


Phone: (972) 899-2180

Upcoming Speaking Events:

  • Vistage events

Questions Robert Asks to a Prospective Client:

  • How important is it to significantly grow your company's revenue and profitability?

  • How much do you want to grow both over the next 12 months?

  • What are you doing now to ensure you achieve both goals?

  • What is standing in your way?

  • Are you open to discussing proven ways to reach your goals sooner?

Topics Robert Talks About with Friends/Family:

  • Travel and adventure 

  • Grandchildren

  • Automobile racing and science

Topic/Description of Presentation:

How to pivot your organization to rapidly increase sales in today's
economy. Techniques you can put to use immediately to win a lot
more of the "right" new clients, retain them and increase your
share of wallet. Three proven tools guaranteed to accelerate the
productivity/effectiveness of your sales and marketing team.