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Alex Burkulas

Founder & CEO

Cygnus Systems, Inc.



Alex Burkulas, Founder and CEO of Cygnus Systems, Inc, a premier Managed IT Services and Support Company located in Southeast Michigan, guides the vision, growth and strategy within the organization while providing experiential leadership development to his team.Serving in leadership positions for several non-profit organizations, Alex has also served as President of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Detroit City chapter as well as EO Regional Area Director and has been a member since 2003. Certified EOS and Gazelles Implementor, Strategic Coach, and lifelong student of personal growth and optimal leadership development, graduate of Graduate of Super Human Operating System with Ken Wilber and Tony Robbins Unlimited Power NLP.Alex is a graduate of Wayne State University, lives in Grosse Ile, Michigan with his beautiful wife. One of their favorite pastimes is boating as Alex has held a Certified Maritime 100 Ton Captain’s License for over 20 years.


Phone: (248) 849-9700

Questions Alex Asks a Prospective Client:

1. If we are sitting here a year from now, what had to have happened over that past year in order for you to feel good about the progress you have made in your business.

2. Looking ahead, where do you expect your business to be in 5 years.

3. Who currently handles your technology needs today, and how would you rate them on effectiveness of strategy, tactics and support?

4. What current limitations have you identified with how you currently have your IT supported?

5. Knowing what we know today about the threats of Cyber crimes, how confident are you in your companies ability to protect your valuable data? In the event of a breach or compromise, how quickly could you recover?

Topics Alex Talks About with Friends/Family:

  • Philosophy 

  • Personal and Business Growth 

  • Travel

Topic/Description of Presentation:

TBD based on topic

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