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Alan Cerro


Cerro Vista



My Christian faith is foundational in my life! It informs my actions and values. Growing up, my dad modeled to me the importance of paying attention to those in need around us. The deepest fulfillment I have experienced has always involved serving others.


From day one I have been committed to working with Community Benefit Organization (CBO’s) like churches and non-profits. Cerro Vista was formed through my personal experiences watching how dramatically under-served these organizations are by the real estate community at large.


Cerro Vista is all about working with people and organizations whose chief motivation is to strengthen the fabric of our communities. This could come through education, housing for marginalized populations or faith based human services.  We partner with them to create strategic real estate based solutions that unlock resources and pave the way for the creation of sustainable legacy.  I would be honored to help do that for you.


Phone: (925) 250-4289

Upcoming Speaking Events:

  • Church Men's Breakfast Group

  • Annual Fellowship Gathering

Questions Alan Asks a Prospective Client:

  • Are you tired of managing commercial property?

  • Are you certain you are deeming the best return on investment for your highly appreciated commercial property?

  • Have you considered professionally managed real estate portfolios in secondary growth markets?

  • Are you concerned about the increasingly harsh treatment of the real estate market by the state of California?

  • Are you concerned about the impact of taxes if you want to do anything with your real estate?

Topics Alan Talks About with Friends/Family:

  • Conserving the values upon which our countries values were founded 

  • Making discipleship 

Topic/Description of Presentation:

Tiny Home Communities and Underutilized surplus properties.

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